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Your Guide to Heaven here on Earth

Only Spiritual Truth is said here, NOT OPINION

God Stepped in Ministries 

God Stepped in Ministries was created by God through his servant. 

God Stepped in Ministries was created by God and given to his servant to work here on Earth. It was started in June 2008 with the commandment to write the book. The book, "God Stepped In" was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, similar to the books in the Bible. The book "God Stepped In" was published in 2016 and is available via the link at the bottom of each page on this website.  This ministry is going to change the world fulfilling the Lord's prayer and bring Heaven Awareness Lifestyle into the world reforming religion.  This is how this ministry will carry out this mission. This ministry will bring spiritual truth teachings into the world. This is the will of God for this ministry.

Spiritual truth teaching is based on truth and not opinion. This is an example of spiritual truth teaching:  Moses born in Egypt, raised in the Pharaoh's home. When he was 40 years old, he killed an Egyptian, and fled Egypt to the land of Midian. He lived there, and he got married and had 2 children during the 40 years he lived as a shepherd. He was 80 years old, working for his father-in-law keeping the flock. He looked up and saw

a bush on fire, but the bush was not burning, so he decided to investigate. At this time. God noticed Moses and called his name "Moses". God told him to remove his shoes, because he was standing on Holy ground. God told Moses he was sending him to Egypt to bring the children of Israel to the land God promised to Abraham. Exodus 4 opens up with Moses making several excuses not to back to Egypt because Moses is a normal man, and normal men are afraid. Moses in Deuteronomy is a man who for 40 years cultivated a deep relationship with God Almighty and all fear is gone from his life. We too can have a deep relationship with God Almighty because of the current covenant that Jesus the Christ is the mediator of. (Hebrews 9:15). This ministry will speak truth about God Almighty and the purposes of things that happened in the Bible. This ministry will teach people how to empower the Holy Spirit within them to teach them spiritual truth knowledge.

This ministry is seeking $75,000 to parley into millions so that this ministry will move forward to complete the mission of this ministry. Fulfilling the Lord's prayer and bring the Kingdom of God inside each of us who believe that Jesus of Nazareth died and rose from the grave, and lives forever more. With $75,000 this ministry will buy into marketing programs that are designed to make the ministry website, YouTube channel and the book "God Stepped In" well known worldwide.

This ministry will purchase the marketing plan called Quantum Leap, which is a year of marketing for $10,964. Through the marketing plan the ministry will be self-financed via the millions of dollars the marketing plan will provide. The ministry's goal is to sell a million books in one year. Also, the ministry owns a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is fully repaired. The ministry will hire an architect to design blueprints and a digital model of the buildings this ministry will build. This ministry will acquire an accountant that will keep records of every donation and financial transaction for the ministry. This ministry will obtain a lawyer to represent the ministry in all legal matters. Any money left after the funds are spent will provide for things to move forward with functions to grow the congregation for this ministry.


From donations and book sales, counseling sessions and investments, this ministry will move forward with the building projects for the ministry. 


Counseling sessions are done in homes or churches to people who will donate to the ministry according to whatever they feel the spiritual truth teachings are worth to them. The ministry will seek investors with a guaranteed investment growth contract.

As of February 11, 2022, God Stepped in Ministries Inc., is an official non-profit 501c3 organization available to accept tax deductible donations. Through the ministry's business bank account, it is set up for each donation to be tracked so each person will get a record of their donation history for the IRS.