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Your Guide to Heaven here on Earth

Only Spiritual Truth is said here, NOT OPINION

God Stepped In Before

God created man for himself.

God saw that we today are each living the Christian life our own way, and none of us are doing it right. So God stepped in when a man was desperate to get out of his current situation. God saw a man who was afraid. He saw a man on his face between his knees in a jail cell. He saw his heart was truly surrendered to him. He delighted in this man, and chose him to bring the church back to him as the bride of Christ. It started with deliverance from his situation. Then God began to do a mighty work in him transforming him into a mighty man of God and his faithful servant. I am his Servant.

This is the final God step in before the return of Christ. Will Christ find true faith on the earth when he comes. God stepped in so he would.