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Your Guide to Heaven here on Earth

Only Spiritual Truth is said here, NOT OPINION

Heaven Awareness

Heaven Awareness Lifestyle is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is truly. That because Christ Jesus, the son of God, lived a perfect sinless life and became a curse on the cross. His death was supposed to draw all people to him. Something went wrong from the time of the Apostles to the time Chirstian Church was created.  Even with what we have been left with that we call the Holy Bible; it is written the Holy Spirit is supposed to teach us the Truth, which is what he did during the time of biblical church, Heaven Awareness Lifestyle, it was not a religion.​

It is written in the book of Jerimiah chapter 31:33 that after Christ has completed his mission for God, life will once again be able to live in holy fellowship with God Almighty. The book of Hebrews is a record of the Hebrew lifestyle with God. In chapter 8 God repeats what he said in Jerimiah chapter 31. then he says it again in Hebrews chapter 10.  Christ Jesus gave us the Lord's prayer, which is about bringing Heaven here on Earth.

 God Stepped in Ministries is here to bring Heaven here on Earth.

God said to me that Heaven Awareness Lifestyle will replace all religions in the world.  Supporting this ministry will make this happen in the world. Would you like to live in a world of peace beyond your circumstances, because of your relationship with God.  A real relationship with God will change your point of view by renewing your mind to be like Christ had as a man. When Jesus said the Father was with him this is what he meant. We can have that same kind of relationship with God.