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Your Guide to Heaven here on Earth

Only Spiritual Truth is said here, NOT OPINION

Your Spiritual Foundation

Christ told us a parable about building on solid rock foundation and sinking sand foundation. Ask yourself what is your spiritual foundation on which your Christian life is based.

If the Christian foundation is built on church teachings based on the opinion of that domination, your spiritual foundation is built on sinking sand. Proof is the many different opinionated churches. Second, burn out: people getting over tired of the Christian teachings then their spiritual foundation collapse into a life in disarray. Leaders abandoning their own teaching and commit unspeakable sins like sex with minors.

If the Christian foundation is built on spiritual truth taught by faith in the Holy Spirit being your teacher, as he is designed to do. Then your foundation will be strong, and able to live life with God everyday. You will build a relationship with him that will transform you into a real Christ like person because your mind will be the mind of Christ. A Christ like person lives a life of meek and mildness because he knows the true nature of God Almighty. He worships everyday in the morning in spirit and truth. There is no way he can backslide or has need for revival because his life is now spent in Heaven Awareness here on earth. This is the Current Covenant.